Priekinis žvaigždžių blokas Shimano SLX FC-M7000 170mm 2×11-speed 36X26T



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Minimum shifting, efficient rhythm: the SLX M7000-11 crankset by Shimano

The lightweight 2×11 setup and close gear ratio combinations ensure a minimum shifting gap between gears while allowing the rider to maintain an efficient rhythm throughout the complete range of gears. The chainring capacity is kept at a 10-tooth difference – 26-36T. The system solution behind these rider optimized gear combinations is known as DYNA-SYS11, which blends Shimano shifting technologies and designs to allow riders to deliver consistent, efficient power while maintaining traction and momentum.

Bottom bracket is not included

Application: MTB Cross Country, Enduro, All Mountain
Gearing: 11
Crankarm Material: aluminium, anodized
Axle Material: steel plated
Large Chainring: aluminium, GF composite
Small Chainring: steel plated
Gradation: 26-36
Crankarm Length: 170.0 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter: 96/64 mm (4-arm)
Chainline: 48.8 mm
Q-Factor: 175 mm
Bottom Bracket Shell Width: 68/73 mm
Compatible Chain: HG-X11
Others: not compatible with chaincase, chainguard not included
Technology: Dyna-Sys11, Hollowtech II

The real advantage of 11-speed is the ability to have all the range you require without sacrificing the rhythm you need. Dyna-Sys11 maximizes rhythm with “rhythm step gears in the most frequently used range. Driving efficiency is a key drivetrain performance indicator. More speed for the same effort.

Hollowtech II
The concept of Hollowtech II technology is focused on producing a superior crankset, which will maximize a riders power transfer. The rigidity of the crankset ensures pedalling efficiency while its weight, a key element of the crankset, you want light, aids in cycling longer distances over which the rider needs to pedal more. Naturally, Shimano strove for the optimum balance between the conflicting needs of stiffness while producing a lightweight crank.
Outboard Bearings: For most frames with 68 mm bottom bracket shells, Hollowtech II with 24 mm axle can set the bearing position outside of the frame to provide better weight distribution and more stability.
High Precision Sealing: Hollowtech II cranksets have a high-precision sealing in the bearing area to increase durability maintaining the excellent rotating performance for long periods.

– 1 x Shimano SLX FC-M7000 -11-2 Crankset (26-36 tooth)
– 1 x Shimano crank bolt

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