Galinis žvaigždžių blokas Shimano ALIVIO CS-HG400 9-speed-12-36T


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The CS-HG400 9-speed cassette supersedes the cassettes CS-HG61-9 and CS-HG50-9. With the larger hollow spaces in the spockets a weight saving of approximately 11% was achieved. (Compared to HG50-9 at 11-34 teeth.) The cassette is available in different sprocket ratios and offers suitable gear combinations for 26/27.5 or 29er. HG cassettes are compatible with Shimano IG-chains and they care for silent and fluently gearshifting. HG spockets guide the chain quickly and directly to the next spocket without overdrive.
Material: steel
Gearing: 12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36
Weight: approx. 380 g

Art. Nr.: ICSHG4009236

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