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The new Deore – ""Rider Tuned"" for every style of cycling.
The Deore is a group that consistently continues the ""Rider Tuned"" principle and is ideally suitable for various types of bikes and riding styles. Whether for cross country or trail, on hardtail, on 29er, 650B or on fullies: The Deore offers all options to meet every requirement.
The Deore for 2015 comes analogous to the XTR, XT and SLX cranks, also with 2- and 3-speed cranksets. The the 2-piece construction was also matched to Shimano's High-End components. The integrated 24mm Hollowtech II axle offers increased stiffness at low weight. With Shimano Dyna-Sys sprockets.
Shimano, Chainring, Deore, FC-M612, 40T., aluminium.
Art. Nr. Y10098010

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